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Fritillary ButterflyDew on SpiderwebEastern Tailed Blue ButterflyNorthern Crescent ButterflyLarge Heath or CommonRinglet Butterfly (27-39mm/1-1.5in)Cabbage White Butterfly (32-47mm/1.25-1.8in)Cabbage White Butterfly (32-47mm/1.25-1.8in)Large Heath or CommonRinglet Butterfly (27-39mm/1-1.5in)Viceroy ButterflyLeast Skipper ButterflyLeast Skipper ButterflyChironomus - a genus of non-biting Midges (possible ID iNaturalist) (5-13mm/0.2-0.5in)Tabanas Sulcifrons - a species of Horse FlyEastern Forktail DamselflyOrange Bluet DamselflyWestern Honey Bee (10-15mm/0.4-0.6in)Western Honey Bee (10-15mm/0.4-0.6in)Bellflower Resin Bee (9-11mm/0.35-0.4in)Least Skipper ButterflyThread-waisted Wasp