Photographer: DIANE E WEILER

The Early Days

  • Born in London Ontario, I worked as a Nursery School Teacher, and a Teachers’ Aide in the Public School System for a number of years.  
  • After that were a few years in the seventies spent trying out the hippie lifestyle, travelling North America in a camper-van, working as we went.
  • Many photographs were taken during these years. Lots of B&W, and slides, and of course Kodachrome!  Yep those were the days my friend!

The Working Years

  • In 1977, I moved to Red Lake Ontario, and started working in the mining industry, and in 1979 I was off to British Columbia to pursue mining as a career. In the next 25+ years, my work shipped me off to different operating mines & fly-in sites in and around British Columbia.
  •  I worked as an Assayer (lab analytical work), Environmental tech, Lab Manager, as well as a First Aid Attendant, a Mine Rescue Team member, and various Occupational Health & Safety (OCHS) tasks. (I began taking formal courses to gain my OCHS Certification and graduated from BCIT in 2002.)
  • These were the years with the newest invention – The Point and Shoot Camera! Still film Though!
  •  In 1999/2000 I also had the opportunity to work with a mining exploration team on projects in Siberia, and Far East Russia.
  • Mining took a big downturn, and most mines were closing down. With the price of metals dropping and gold at only $135 an oz, it was no longer a viable industry.
  • Starting in 2002 I began working as an OCHS Consultant for various industries in BC.

The Middle Years

  • In preparation for retirement, my search began for a hobby to fill my free time. Having always carried a camera with me on all my earlier adventures, photography seemed a natural for me. It would fit with my lifestyle, my deep appreciation of nature, and my love of travel and adventure.
  • In 2004, I began to explore photography more seriously, and my new Digital SLR Camera became my constant companion.
  • My first photography workshop in 2005 to Bamfield BC, not only taught me more of the technical aspects of my camera, (and I finally took it off Automatic!) it provided me with an opportunity to share ideas with other photographers and opened my eyes to the “art of seeing”.

The Retired Years

  • Since retiring in 2006, I have traveled far and wide with my Camera(s). I returned to my hometown of London Ontario in 2009.  I have had the opportunity to learn from many well renowned Photographers, and their passion for the art of photography was contagious! It is now “My Passion”, and I see it carrying me forward into my “Later Years” and hopefully on many more exciting adventures!